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Our Mission

At Nancy B. Katz, Clutter Consultant, our mission is to:

MODEL organizing techniques and styles tailored to individual needs

MENTOR in a non-judgmental atmosphere

MOTIVATE our clients to succeed in getting and staying organized

The goal is for our clients to live and work in a positive environment, free of the stress associated with chaos and disorder.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
~ Antoine de Saint Exupery

Nancy B. Katz, Clutter Consultant

Nancy B. Katz, Professional Organizer in Evanston, IL

We are often asked, “how does one become an organizer?” As a Professional Organizer, we have a passion for creating order and reducing stress in chaotic environments. One becomes an organizer when this passion results in building a career, one orderly room, one alpha/chrono file, one color-coded closet at a time.

Nancy brings to the organizing profession a background in Arts and Business Administration. A Program Associate at the Illinois Arts Council, she consulted with all not-for-profit arts organizations in the state on planning new programs, grants writing, and board and budget development. Later, Nancy worked for COMPAQ Computer Corporation as an Administrative Assistant to the regional director of sales. She was responsible for meeting planning, new product announcements and office operations. Nancy then managed the office of a 14-person accounting firm in Chicago, and was a vice-president on the regional board of a $30 million community service organization. She founded her company, Nancy B. Katz, Clutter Consultant, in 2001, and has a staff of eight organizers. She organizes business and residential environments, plans and executes moves, and coaches time management. As the mother of two children, her organizational skills were required on a daily basis.